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We create an in-depth guide for specifically for users — where to buy DDK, the success of what has been achieved, and more information about this DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) blockchain.

Staking DDKOIN allows you to increase your portfolio reward substantially with advantages to increase your asset units and leverage on the DDKOIN price. It takes less than 10 minutes to read this article and start staking if you already hold DDK.

For those of you who have just heard about DDKOIN for the first time, you can start reading the articles issued by the DDK Foundation from this Medium:

You can also read their official Blog to find out their info and previous announcement history from here :



You can also follow the latest updates from them via their official Twitter and Facebook Group from here:

Official DDKOIN Twitter


Staking is an essential benefit of holding a cryptocurrency, and dependent on the staking options and background tokenomics, staking your tokens while holding them can offer significant upside.

To not get too technical regarding staking, let us compare staking to something most people are familiar with, a savings account at a bank. Similarly, savings accounts pay you interest for storing your money with the bank and allowing them to use it. While staking, on the other hand, it pays you rewards for providing your coins to help secure the network and validate transactions.

However, in staking, you do not physically transfer your tokens to another wallet. Instead, utilize a “Decentralize Protocol” to stake your tokens decentralized on the network without anyone having access to use or manipulate the staking pool of the operator like other centralized concepts.

There are huge lists of staking assets available for most Proof of Stake and Delegated Proof of Stake networks such as DDKOIN, ADA, Tron, Solana, Algorand, Cosmos, Ethereum, and Tezos, amongst others. When following a long-term holding strategy with your portfolio investments, it is vital to maximizing their passive growth. We’ve all seen the classic graph about the difference in taking advantage of compounding interest at different ages.

You can review lists of staking coins from these links :

However, when staking your crypto, you receive your rewards in crypto and not in fiat. As we will be looking at how to stake DDKOIN, let us use an example of 10,000 DDK. DDK staking offers a reward rate of up to 96% per year currently. The 96% annual return is a nice amount and can leverage your assets against inflation and price declines.

In terms of the Staking Reward in DDKOIN, your portfolio follows the Reward curve that can be referred from their .

Based on the above reward curve, we can analyze the staking reward will be decrease based on this year 8% and will be reduced to 6% when they launched their new upgrade that will enable the creation of the smart-contract and allow developers to build and publish the decentralized application on the network.

So after one year, with the current 8% rate of 10,000 DDK, your initial capital will have around~19,600DDK (10,000DDK + 9600 DDK). It allows you to increase your token holdings without deploying more capital to take further advantage of the potential upside of DDKOIN.

Let’s use the legitimate portal to check about POS assets as a reference to see the potential Reward that DDKOIN can generate:


From the screenshot, we can see that the “Current Rate” of Staking Reward 96% yearly with the “Current Price” of DDK around ~$ 0.70 will generate around $706 monthly and can generate around $8594.02 per year.


The following screenshot is that with the same amount of 10,000 DDK when we do COMPOUNDING will produce around 151.94%, which makes a return of $13,601 if calculated in fiat amount.

Let’s see how if we try to change the settings in the website to make the price of DDK “Bullish (+50%)”.


From the screenshot, we see that it still maintains the same % return of 151.94 %. But we can see a sharp increase in total assets in the form of fiat yields worth $ 20,402.28. So have an extra $ 6800.76 in your portfolio.

Let’s try again; what is the asset’s value and when we change the settings in the portal makes DDK to the MOON.


It can be clearly seen that when we change the DDK price set to “To the Moon,” it will result in your overall portfolio making it $ 149,616.71 in fiat amount. Of course, it’s an absurd amount, but in the crypto world, anything is possible. This is because crypto is Decentralized and Distributed.

Enough of us talking about the staking technology and the potential that DDKOIN can generate. Let’s move on to how to get started. 😁👍

Purchase DDK via an exchange

At the moment, there are a couple of exchanges that offer trading services for DDK. DDK has been listed on , , , , and to buy and sell. Of these five exchangers, 12 markets are open 24 hours for DDKOIN asset holders to transact openly at the exchanger. Although we still see a small volume for DDK around $ 20,000 — $100,000 a day whose history can be seen , we see the demand in the Orderbook is naturally without manipulation from the Market Maker.


The Exmarket exchanger currently has the most significant volume and a strong Orderbook to buy DDK or sell DDK from the list of exchangers.

DDK/USDT pair in Exmarkets Exchanger
Source :
You must have BTC, USDT or ETH for you to buy DDK from Exmarket exchanger

After you register from one of the exchanges that list DDK to purchase, you need to register the DDK address from the available DDK Decentralize Web Wallet. The developer of DDK has provided 17 web wallets with different nodes and domains for alternatives.

🔗 List of 17 wallets and their domain:

⚡ Debugger to check the status of DDKOIN Nodes:

🌈Github URL:

🌐 Explorer to check and verify transactions:

  1. Explorer Ver 1:
  2. Explorer Ver 2:

How to stake my DDK?

Once someone has staked their DDK and agreed to the 6 months lockup period, they cannot access their DDK until the lockup period is over. In addition, DDK offers a yearly 96% maximum reward rate on the DDK you stake on the network.

To stake DDKoin, users need to have a minimum of 1 DDKoin in their DDK Mainnet account. The minimum amount DDKoin can be stake is 1 DDKoin with fixed fees of 0.01% from the amount of the staked DDKoin.

Kindly follow the steps below on how to stake your DDK:

Login DDK main-net wallet >

Click on the Stake button on the right top of the page >

Enter DDK amount that you want to stake >

Enter your passphrase > Click on the Stake DDK button.

All done! A little green notification success popup at the bottom of your screen will appear. You can also confirm your staking was successful by checking the Staked and Available balances.

Once you have stake your DDK, you may check your stake history under the stake page.

How to Vote to receive Staking Reward?

Kindly follow the steps below on how to vote:

Login DDK main-net wallet > Click on Delegates button on the left side of the page > Select 1 or up to 3 delegates (Max) that you would like to vote > Click on ✔️VOTE button > Enter your passphrase > Click on the VOTE button.

Once you have voted for the delegates, you may check the delegates that you have voted for. Kindly follow the steps below on how to check delegates that you have votes:

Login DDK main-net wallet > Click on Delegates > My Votes

Kindly follow the steps below on how to check your vote count:

Login DDK main-net wallet > Click on Stake > Latest Stakes > “Count” column

“Count” represents how many votes that you have completed.

Important information:

Stakeholders may vote max of 101 Delegates per account lifetime. The fees imposed are 0.01% from the amount of staked DDKoin of a maximum of 3 delegates per transaction.

To get Staking Reward (free new coins), it needs 4 x votes. Every time you make 4 votes, a new coin will be created. The period between votes is 7 days. The total vote is 24 x, meaning the accumulation is 7 days x 24 = 168 days or around + -6 months. After 24 x votes, then DDKoin Frozen will return to DDKoin liquid. Next, become your decision, whether in Staking back or sold.

Important note: For the first to do the Staking process, there is no need to wait for the next 7 days (1 week) to vote. After Staking, immediately do the Vote process.

Points to Consider About DDKOIN

On the potential:

Recently, DDKOIN has received an award as a winner in the CryptoCurrency Technology for Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2021 that award more than 50 companies in different categories, including Ambank, CIMB Bank, IWK, Lazada, Lembaga Tabung Haji, Malaysia Airlines, OCBC Bank, Petronas, and many more can be referred from this.

We are aware that blockchain and cryptocurrency technology in some countries are just beginning to develop, such as Malaysia does not yet have enough infrastructure for a project like DDKOIN. However, through our study, we found that most DDK users are spread in several countries in South East Asia, such as Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, China, Korea, and some countries in Europe including Lithuania.

Apart from that, DDKOIN has collaborated with several universities in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam to introduce this new technology that many are still skeptical about and do not understand. The following is an excerpt from the collaboration between DDKOIN and to create 2 Research Papers as a study and report.

On the tokenomics:

If you let someone dictate what they do with your money, you will probably not have a great time. In addition, there would be times that they would be using a band-aid instead of a solid solution, resulting in a bigger problem in the future.

Take, for example, the 2008 financial crisis. This is one of the problems DDKOIN is trying to solve with a limited supply of 45 million and running fully on DAO (Decentralize Autonomous Organization). More specifically, DDK tokenomics allows token holders to participate in decentralized staking. Based on information from currently, there is an $18,288,000 million staked value with 87% circulated DDK has been staked.


In short, with a high staked amount of 87% and only 52% circulated supply circulating up to 45 million total supply proves that DDKOIN has a very high potential and can be one of the preferred assets in the top 100 market-cap when they launch the new CORE21 upgrade.


Note: The article does not constitute investment advice. CoinBox Finance is not responsible for your loss nor takes any credit from any gains you receive. Always do your research when trying out crypto products and platforms.

CoinBox Finance Brain Team



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