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4 min readAug 3, 2022

Hi to all the CBFI community and supporters. 👋😍

Today there is good news🌈 for all of us and this is the beginning for CBFI to grow bigger and do cross collaborations with one of the top blockchain and cryptocurrency software development companies from the IT campus center in India which is in Hyderabad IT City. The collaboration can be referred to the following Facebook post link for more information:

Today there is a good question that has been proposed by a user in the Telegram group that we think is interesting to answer so that everyone can read it.

📌 are we waiting for the next APK ver ??

👉 Right now we are waiting for the next APK Release version 5.0

📌 what progress are we currently facing ??

👉 For now CBFI developers are working on completing the P2P feature ( ) and Token Creator ( ) which is currently in the 60% development being done since 2 months ago.

👉The next release is very important because P2P is a solution for everyone and opens up a gateway to convert fiat to crypto or crypto to fiat in the CBFI platform using the concept of decentralized governed by a smart contract.

👉Token Creator is also a very important feature that will be realized in its stern release because it opens the door for CBFI to offer B2B (Business to Business) service and cooperation with any party that wants to start a business in Token and also offer blockchain products.

👉The product offering Token Creator with service is an extended collaboration between CBFI and the Brugu developer team to offer IT product development and is not limited only to the blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse, NFT, Big Data, AI, Cloud Computing, and Gaming.

👉CBF's collaboration with Brugu was represented by Dato’ Azrainuddin Zainal who acted as the CBFI Brain Team spokesperson. As a result of the collaboration, the Brugu side agreed to do “Cross-Collaborations” that benefit both parties when the Brugu side also appointed Dato’ Azrainuddin Zainal as Asia Business Director in the Brugu company.

👉with this appointment, cooperation is sealed so that all products and services offered by Brugu can be used, promoted, and offered to all CBFI clients and communities. There are several announcements that will be made soon to launch a few new blockchain products from Brugu as a solution and support the CBFI ecosystem to continue moving to the next phase in providing solutions on DeFi, WEB3, and Blockchain technology.



📌 is there any announcement regarding CBFi progress & planning that will be made ??

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