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4 min readNov 3, 2022

Good news for BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX, DDK, and MATIC users 🌈✨

Today, we have a BIG announcement to share with all the users.

Upgrades and updates for CBFI are almost complete and we are in the process of introducing phase 2.0 of new products and services

CBFI’s Brain Team of Founders, Developers, Partners, and Supporters have made some MAJOR improvements to CBFI’s products and services over the past few weeks.

This restructuring is necessary so that CBFI can update products that are ready and also prepare to introduce new products and features for scale and growth.

Our team is filled with joy, excitement, and motivation!

What makes us even happier, is that We’re 100% sure it’ll be good news for you as well!

A Little Bit of History

In 2020 when the Great Lockdown started all over the world because covid has brought the economy and activities to a standstill. Many began to lose their jobs and also had to live and find income through online platforms.

Because the LockDown also caused the world to start turning to online businesses to buy food and also do their work. On this basis, several partners (Seeds Users) from Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, and also India, Dubai, and London started cooperation to produce a platform CBFI (CoinBox Finance) as a result of the following problems:

  1. Rely too much on Centralise Wallet & Exchangers. ⚠️
  2. Relying too much on Middlemen results in high fees.⚠️
  3. Slow cross-border payments. ⚠️
  4. Mismanagement issue in centralized records and database. ⚠️
  5. BTC and all cryptos often involved high fees and are not suitable for micropayment and daily usage. ⚠️
  6. Accountability and trusts issue in traditional contracts. ⚠️
  7. Slow adoption in government and public sectors. ⚠️
  8. Corrupted and not transparent crowdfunding and fundraising. ⚠️
  9. Must know programming to create own NFTs and tokens/coins. ⚠️
  10. Vulnerable identity and management theft. ⚠️

Information and Action ✨🌈

As of today, we’ll start to combine our efforts and resources to produce better solutions, providing real added value to the blockchain and cryptocurrency world to bridge the gap with the conventional economy.

After working and continuously developing the platform for 2 years ago (2020 -2022) and consisting of users from several countries have placed trust and cooperation to develop CBFI Wallet and several ecosystems that have been successfully developed:

  1. CBFI Mobile Wallet (Multi-Blockchain Wallet) ✅
  2. Liquidity Pool CBFI-BNB in Pancakeswap ✅
  3. Staking Farm (Yield Farming Smart Contract) ✅
  4. CBFI Membership (Smart Contract Affiliate) ✅
  5. CBFI Reflection (BUSD Profit Sharing) ✅
  6. CBFI Booster (Pledge your CBFI Token) ✅
  7. CBFI Merchant (QR-INVOICE) ✅
  8. CBFI Virtual World ✅

All products that are ready can be referenced directly in the Gitbook in the “Done-Live Mainnet” section at the following link: https://github.com/users/CoinBoxFinance/projects/1

Next target and plan ✨🌈

We want to make CBFI (CoinBox Finance) project a long-term profit for you to be a part of. All of us should be able to enjoy the opportunities, technology, and information that bring to our lives.

Here are some features that will be launched :

Short-Term Goals 🚀(Q4 2022)

  1. To offer P2P (crypto to bank and bank to crypto) for BTC, ETH and all ETH token, BNB and all BEP20 token, TRX, and all TRC20 tokens, and MATIC, and all erc20 Matic tokens. (Web and Mobile Version). ✅
  2. To View assets and prices without registering or login (View as GUEST) ✅
  3. Add any ERC20, BEP20, TRC20, or ERC20 Matic token to the wallet. ✅
  4. Webhook Notification for Incoming Transactions for all assets. ✅
  5. Stake and claim reward of CBFI-BNB LP Token in the wallet. ✅
  6. Enable to view and showcase NFT available in address inside CBFI Wallet. ✅
  7. Create CBFI Wallet in IOS. ✅
  8. Providing Multi-Bridge for DDK, BNB, SOL, and ETH (Mint & Burn) ✅
  9. Connect CBFI Wallet under partnership models with NFT & Web3 project, Tokens, Real-Estate Tokenization, Play 2 Earn Blockchain Game, and Payment Providers/Gateway. ✅

Long-Term Goal 🚀🚀(Q1-Q2 2023)

  1. To integrate SPOT trading for the crypto assets. 🔜
  2. To integrate Futures trading for crypto, forex, and commodity. 🔜
  3. Gold Asset Enhance (10x Physical Gold Margin Trading Account) 🔜
  4. To integrate Copy Trade and Follow Trade system with Robo-Trading.🔜
  5. Complete MIB/IB system for affiliates 🔜

Visit and meet us at Crypto Expo ✨🌈

On Nov 28 — Dec 4, there was a very prestigious WEB3, Crypto, and NFT event in Manila Philippines. CBFI Founders have been invited to be speakers and participate in the event along with some famous crypto and influencers who will be present.

You are all invited to attend the event to enliven the atmosphere and become supporters of CBFI to launch our products at the event. Please email directly to coinboxfinance@gmail.com ✅ if you are interested in presenting yourself or being part of the CBFI team that will participate in the event.

Event link and info: https://coinboxfinance.com/docs/phevents.pdf

Social Media of the events :

FB : https://www.facebook.com/philblockchainweek

Twitter : https://twitter.com/philblockchain

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